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To recap, the Athens Municipal Water Authority and Lake Athens were created to provide water for the City of Athens, Texas.  Their residents pay taxes based on $100 valuation of serviceable property owned for their water service.  

Property owners at Lake Athens enjoy the beauty and recreational amenities offered by lake living.  These property owners have the choice to add amenities to their property that enhance their lake life, and agree to pay annual fees to the Athens Municipal Water Authority for the amenities added.  


Each April, property owners at Lake Athens shall receive an invoice for services from the Athens Municipal Water Authority.  New permit fees are due upon application of a new permit.  Proration of fees will be made only on new construction.  No proration of fees will be given on removal or non-use.

Property owners should plan to remit their annual fee payments to AMWA on or before June 30th of the same year.  Payments may be submitted in person at the AMWA offices or submitted by mail to the appropriate address below:


Athens Municipal Water Authority
5302 FM 2495 
Athens, TX  75752


Athens Municipal Water Authority
P. O. Box 229
Athens, TX  75751

We ask that the customer name be included with the payment so that we give credit to the proper parties for the payment.

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Texas Parks & Wildlife

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An Essential Element

An Essential Element

Water. It's perhaps the most important element in life, and yet, we continue to take it for granted...

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Status of Lake Athens

Status of Lake Athens

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