2018 Aquatic Vegetation Management Guidelines Released

2018 Aquatic Vegetation Management Guidelines Released

Texas Parks & Wildlife, the Athens Municipal Water Authority, local fishers, and Lake Athens adjacent property owners, have met over the last few months to formulate a plane for aquatic vegetation treatment for 2018.  By having the “stakeholders” of Lake Athens involved, this plan can guide all those impacted by aquatic vegetation.

A few highlights of the plan include:

  • You will be able to treat your shoreline, up to either 6' in water depth, or 75' from shore. 
  • Each ingress/egress account must apply and obtain a separate permit signed by the adjacent landowner .
  • Vegetation treatment permits are valid for six months from the application date to TPWD. 
  • Applications for vegetation treatment permits will only be accepted from March 1 to May 31, annually.
  • Mechanical Treatments may be conducted at anytime, after the applicant has been granted approval from TPWD and the Authority.
  • Chemical Treatments may be conducted during the following windows:
    • May 7-May 18 (in order to qualify for this time period, all paperwork must be submitted no later than April 23)
    • June 11-June 22
    • August 13-August 24


More details, including the management plan can be found here.


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Athens Economic Development

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