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Create a lush Mediterranean-style garden that's water-wise, too

7/16/19 06:48 pm

Like Texas, the Mediterranean has a very diverse topography — from to ... While water conservation in our zone requires a specific palette of plants, ...

Questions Linger About New Bedford Water Park [OPINION]

7/16/19 12:37 pm

Craig Dixon is the current chairman of the Conservation Commission. ... by the joint business partnership of the City and the Texas water park. So what ...

Game-changing, bipartisan wildlife legislation introduced in Congress

7/16/19 10:14 am

“H.R. 3742 would be a game-changer for fish and wildlife – in Texas and across the ... food, fiber, timber, pollination, and clean air and water which benefit all of us.” Janice Bezanson of Texas Conservation Alliance notes that “the ...

Sustainability in Hotels Explores Growing Emphasis on Green Building Practices in the Hospitality ...

7/16/19 10:00 am

... sustainable building practices, including those involving energy and water conservation as well as waste reduction, ... smart room guest technology at the Sinclair Hotel in Fort Worth Texas; and the health and wellness program in ...

Blast from the past

7/16/19 09:26 am

n Texas Tech graduate student Marianne Munz of Alvin set a new goat-tying ... is funded by the Brazoria County Land and Water Conservation Fund.

TSSWCB receives $150 million for flood control projects

7/16/19 06:21 am

Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board will receive $150 million to repair and rehabilitate flood control structures across Texas.

New Wimberley school aims to take water conservation to the next level

7/16/19 01:21 am

Wimberley Independent School District in Central Texas is moving forward with the construction of ... The project focuses on the conservation of water.

Craft conservation: The new effort to save Texas water sources through beer

7/15/19 07:19 pm

Craft conservation: The new effort to save Texas water sources through beer. July 15, 2019; News. If you have a favorite brewery, you also have a ...

Program helps low-income families repair costly plumbing leaks

7/15/19 01:29 pm

AUSTIN, Texas (FOX 7 Austin) - Low-income families who may be ... from Austin Water's Customer Assistance and Water Conservation Programs.

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Just WHO Consumes the Most?

Just WHO Consumes the Most?

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Status of Lake Athens

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