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Rare Texas blind salamanders are 'doing well' after hatching at zoo for first time

2/22/20 11:15 am

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KXAN) — Three Texas blind salamanders have ... They are blind amphibians that rely on a constant supply of clean water from ... The creatures hatched in the zoo's laboratory at the Center for Conservation ...

Opinion: Energy production threatens biodiversity across Texas

2/22/20 06:45 am

This “produced” water is typically injected underground and over time, ... Fish and Wildlife Service, adopted voluntary conservation agreements with ...

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Athens Economic Development

Athens Economic Development

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Just WHO Consumes the Most?

Just WHO Consumes the Most?

Wondering who uses the most water from Lake Athens? The answer may not be quite what you expected.

What's Happening at Lake Athens

2017-18 TPWD Fisheries Report

2017-18 TPWD Fisheries Report

Texas Parks & Wildlife has released the state of the fisheries of Lake Athens. Please take a look.

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