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Texans: Need an air conditioner, ceiling fan or light bulbs? They are tax free May 26-28

5/21/18 05:52 am

The water-efficient tax holiday lets Texans buy water conservation or ... This holiday lets shoppers in Texas shop tax free for items such as portable ...

Drew Benton Wins First Elite Series Title At Texas Fest On Lake Travis

5/20/18 09:37 pm

Drew Benton Wins First Elite Series Title At Texas Fest On Lake Travis ... I was sharing water with Marty Robinson, and he graciously agreed to let me ... For 50 years, B.A.S.S. has been dedicated to access, conservation and youth ...

Whitewater river in Colorado a bright spot amid grim drought

5/20/18 11:10 am

Water from melting snow is rushing into the Arkansas River in central ... to the Colorado Water Conservation Board, the state's primary water agency. .... A church where one of the victims of a Texas school shooting attended services ...

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Texas Parks & Wildlife

Texas Parks & Wildlife

The Outdoor Annual has gone mobile! Afield or afloat, it's easy to access regulations on your iPhone, iPad or Android, even without internet service.

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Just WHO Consumes the Most?

Just WHO Consumes the Most?

Wondering who uses the most water from Lake Athens? The answer may not be quite what you expected.

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Howdy, Neighbors!

Howdy, Neighbors!

We've moved our offices and are now located at Lake Athens!

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