Aquatic Vegetation Management

The permitting period for aquatic vegetation treatment is now closed.  It will reopen on March 1, 2019.

Texas Parks & Wildlife dictates how and what types of vegetation treatments can be used on public waters in the State of Texas.  Because of this, all vegetation treatments must be approved by a TPWD biologist, for mechanical, biological, chemical, or environmental intervention treatments.  Below are useful links, forms, and guides to help you start this process.  For assistance in identifying your aquatic vegetation species, please follow this guide, or take pictures and email to

All treatments must be approved by both the TPWD field office and the Athens Municipal Water Authority. The Athens Municipal Water Authority will NOT approve any permits that are incomplete or missing any information.

All chemicals for treatment must be on the pre-approved list from TPWD and be applied by a State approved, licensed, applicator.  A list of approved applicators can be viewed here (this may not include all approved applicators in the State, but this list is provided as a convenience).

You will be able to treat your shoreline, up to either 6' in water depth, or 75' from shore.  Each ingress/egress account must apply and obtain a separate permit.  Vegetation treatment permits are valid for six months from the application date to TPWD.  Applications for vegetation treatment permits will only be accepted from March 1 to May 31, annually.

Mechanical Treatments may be conducted at anytime, after the applicant has been granted approval from TPWD and the Authority.

Chemical Treatments may be conducted during the following windows:

Dates Coming Soon

More details can be found in the Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan For Lake AthensAvailable Soon


Vegetation Permit Process



Lake Athens 2018 Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan Coming Soon

Aquatic Vegetation Species Common to Lake Athens


TPWD Aquatic Vegetation Treatment Proposal (An example of how to complete this form, can be found here) 2019 Versions Coming Soon

TPWD Exotic Species Permit Application for Aquatic Vegetation Removal (this form must be submitted to TPWD Austin)

AMWA Vegetation Treatment Permit Application (this is the only version of this form that will be accepted, versions with a revised date earlier than 3/1/19 will be discarded by the Authority.)


Local Field Biologist

Richard Ott, Ph.D.

TPWD Inland Fisheries Tyler South District, Management Supervisor

(903) 566-2161 office

(903) 566-3542 fax


AMWA Representative

Gary Dugan, Inspector/Lake Patrol

(903) 203-8401


Texas Parks and Wildlife Vegetation Surveys




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TX Freshwater Fisheries Ctr.

TX Freshwater Fisheries Ctr.

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