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Animal welfare advocate proposes special taxing district for San Marcos regional shelter

2/21/18 08:48 pm

In Texas, local governments can create special purpose districts to provide a variety of services including water conservation, toll roads, hospitals, libraries, utilities and fire control services. They can be funded through a property tax, a sales tax or a user fee and can issue debt, according to the state ...

Water issues unite District 55 candidates; property taxes divide

2/21/18 06:00 pm

While the Texas House District 55 candidates are pretty much on the same page when it comes to water issues, they're divided on property taxes. ... Stan Schlueter of Killeen wrote a bill that established the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District, a single-county entity that oversees Bell ...

SJW Group Announces 2017 Annual and Fourth Quarter Financial Results

2/21/18 04:52 pm

Other expense and income in 2017 included a pre-tax gain of $12.5 million related to the sale of Texas Water Alliance Limited to the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, $6.3 million on the sale of 444 West Santa Clara Street Limited Partnership's interests in the commercial building and land the ...

Texas water 2018 hotel

2/21/18 11:42 am

Hyatt Regency Riverwalk, San Antonio Texas. texas water 2018 hotel Celebrating 23 years as The Largest Regional Water Conference in the U. the country for its wide variety of water slides, Eventbrite - Central Texas Water Efficiency Network presents 2018 Central Texas Water Conservation ...

Noble Research Institute creates soil health marketplace

2/21/18 09:56 am

Healthy soils can sequester carbon, improve water quality, control run-off and reduce water demand, all of which create a cleaner environment. Healthy ... of Conservation Districts, Gordian Knot Strategies, DRD Associates, Strategic Conservation Solutions, and Oklahoma and Texas farming/ranching ...

How Houston Could Reduce Storm Flooding

2/21/18 09:45 am

Katy Prairie is an important piece of the vast Coastal Prairie that stretched from the Texas Gulf Coast all the way to Canada. It provides a haven for ... to slow and hold floodwaters. Conserve more land and restore prairies and wetlands there to hold water while also providing other community benefits.

Some fear California drought cuts could erase water rights

2/20/18 01:04 am

The plan is part of an effort to make water conservation a way of life, with climate change expected to lead to longer, more severe droughts. It comes after U.S. officials ..... The storm system stretched to Texas, where weather service officials said three weaker EF0 tornadoes hit. One struck early Tuesday ...

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Athens Economic Development

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What the heck is the 448

What the heck is the 448'?

If you've ever visited with our staff regarding improvements to your lakefront property, more than likely you've heard us mention the 448'. What is it?

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The Marina Complex

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